1 Project Per Month

Accelerate Learning by Doing One Project per Month.

Welcome to the 1PPM Club!

The “One Project Per Month” (1PPM) club is a community for hackers, makers, writers, builders, creatives and entrepreneurs. It's all about accelerating learning, avoiding over engineering and getting things done.

Rules of the 1PPM Club:

  1. Talk about the 1PPM Club ;)
  2. Enter the Hall of Fame
  3. Release one project each month
  4. Share your work and insights

For more information on how to join, please visit 1ppm on GitHub

Too complicated? Please be patient with us. We are already working intensively to improve registration and project management. Contact 1ppm@1ppm.club, Subject "News", so we can get back to you when the new version is released.

The 1PPM Challenge

More information about the 1PPM challenge can be found in these articles: The 1ppm challenge and 12 Months / 12 Side Projects — Are you in?


Reach out to 1ppm on twitter or via email 1ppm@1ppm.club


1 Project Per Month

plan, build, learn, repeat :)